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Forest Path

Our Work

Northwoods Volunteer Connection is dedicated to recruiting, training, and bringing volunteers to work on projects within or near the Superior National Forest and the surrounding lands in northeastern Minnesota. 

This vital work increases volunteer engagement through the stewardship of
ecosystems and provides cultural opportunities. NVC Connects youth and adult volunteers to the natural environment through hands-on work. These experiences are educational and also create spiritual enrichment through connection to the land.

We focus on the stewardship of recreational resources in the Forest such as trails, dispersed campsites, and wilderness entry points. NVC also provides volunteers to do clean up, plant trees and manage non-native invasive species on the Forest. 

In the future, NVC will develop stewardship projects related to the natural environment that contribute to climate resiliency, ecosystem restoration, and conservation.

NVC collaborates and partners with trail stewardship organizations. We also work with community partners to increase access to the natural environment.


Our partners include the Superior National Forest, the Superior Hiking Trail Association, the North Country Trail Association, the Kekekabic Trail Chapter, the Border Route Trail Association, and we support the Urban Connections Program which is a part of the Eastern Region of the U.S. Forest Service. 

NVC will continue to build partnerships with other organizations with similar missions in Northeastern Minnesota during 2024.

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